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Participating Clinics

The following clinics are currently accepting MSA as a payment option.

Belau Medical Clinic
Family Surgical Clinic
MH Dental Clinic
Torsten Schaudt Physiotherapy
Palau Adventist Medical Clinic
Pacific Family Medical Clinic
Pacific Family Eye Clinic
Optic Vision Optical Clinic
Pacifika Medical Pharmacy

Maximum allowable MSA charge for Prescription Drugs at a private clinic:

How you determine your out of pocket cost is based on two factors. One, if a service or medication at a private clinic cost more than the same service of medication offered at the Belau National Hospital, and then you shall be responsible for the difference. If a medication in the category OTC is purchased at a private clinic at a cost of $20 but would cost $8 according to the schedule above, then only $8 can be used from your MSA and the remaining $15 shall be charged out of pocket. Second, if you have enough funds in your MSA account then you are subject to out of pocket charges. However, if there is not enough funds in your MSA account then you shall be subject to out of pocket charges.

This arrangement does not affect patients with private health insurance. If you have private health insurance and your bill is discounted to a minimal copayment then you may use your MSA to pay for the copayment.